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Expert Remote Scalar Energy Healing

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Scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature also known as Chi, Prana, Creative Strength, radiant energy, Qi, or Zero Point Energy that is responsible for  assembling as well as disassembling physical matter. Tom Paladino has developed a unique, scalar energy instrument that assembles favorable, physical forms as well as disassembles unfavorable, physical forms inside the human or animal body. Additionally, he is able to re-align the seven chakras of the human body by way of scalar energy. The scalar energy instrument that he utilizes is  unique and has not been duplicated, hence, the treatment modality is likewise unique.

Itchy, Weepy, Foot Fungus Healed 3 Weeks

I have the photos of my foot fungus. I wanted you to see the improvement and almost completely gone pictures from just 3 weeks of Scalar. Thank you so much as I have been suffering daily for over 19 years with this itchy fungus that made holes between my toes. God Bless you to spread this good news of remote scalar healing all over the world!

Thank you, S.W.

P.S.This fungus is like athletes foot but worse, called I think Hollie rot; on my ankles, side of feet and all of sole; it's itchy and terrible, oozing clear liquids, nothing helped for 19 years.

Tom’s Unique Scalar Energy Remote Healing consists of:

A Pathogen Cleanse

Clients are treated to disassemble pathogens that cause illness – in Tom’s protocol, a client is treated 7 days per week over thirty days. You will actually receive the scalar energy pathogen cleanse session that disassembles 300,000 species of bacteria, fungi, protozoan, prion and viruses every day.

Chakra Balance

Clients are treated 7 days per week over thirty days  to receive scalar energy chakra balance sessions that balance and harmonize the seven  chakras of the human body each week.

Nutrient Therapy

Clients are treated 7 days per week to receive the scalar energy nutrient therapy sessions that assemble 284 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, antioxidants, enzymes and fatty acids inside the cells that are essential for optimal health.

Tom Paladino’s Remote Scalar Energy Healing disassembles Pathogens. To disassemble a pathogen means to take it apart. It is reduced to its original element, i.e., carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. The process is simple and painless. Once this occurs, the disease or imbalance disappears.

Tom Paladino’s amazing program gives you 30 days of the Pathogen cleanse, Nutrient therapy and Chakra Balance sessions. These healing sessions can make a difference whether you have:

  • Herpes
  • Lyme Disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Candida
  • Hepatitis C
  • Arthritis
  • MRSA
  • Staph Infection
  • HIV
  • Malaria
  • Tuberculosis
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • or any kind of pathogen, virus or protozoal infestation.

Scalar Energy Healing Treatments can be used for your Beloved Animals too. Tom has created Special Group Packages so you can share with family, friends and your animal companions!

Psoriasis Gone After 4 Months of Scalar Sessions

Before and after foot fungus healed I did not have psoriasis in my childhood. It came after a major trauma when I was 38.( a jury trial)

I began treatments With you, Tom, at the beginning of July 2013. I don't remember how I came across Your name on the net. We had booked a holiday trip to Ireland at the end of July but I could barely walk on my sore, swollen feet. It looked like that we had to cancel the trip.

But after only 1 week of treatment, I was much better. And I could see the improvements from week to week.

My mood improved , too. There was light at the end of the tunnel. And we had a wonderful round trip to Ireland.

Now I've had 4 months of Your treatments, and the psoriasis that is left is a little patch on the left elbow. (See Picture.)

I have a New life now.

Every year the psoriasis blossomed at Autumn and Winter. Now it is November, and there is no sign of it on hands and legs. So I have decided to continue your treatments as a body maintenance.

You treated my Family in October, my sister has had a recurrent infection in the nose. She can "smell" it when it comes. Antibiotics does not Cure it. Fortunately, this occurred in October, and she noticed that the infection/inflammation vanished. She was thrilled.

You can see on the photos that my skin has scars from psoriasis and also too much cortisone ointments. It is more red than normal skin, but no psoriasis.


Blessings (and a hug, too) from Norway

Enjoy life changing scalar energy sessions now!

Hepatitis C GONE after 1 Month of Scalar Energy!!!

Hi guys,

I just wanted to shout out a testimonial about Tom Paladino scalar energy treatment. I’m really sensitive to energy so after a I submitted my pics to Tom, in a hour or so I started to feel the energy working through me.

A couple of things that I noticed is that I started to flush lots of toxins out of my body, I’ve been detoxing my body through greens and vitamins and I know the symptoms and it was clear to me exactly what I was experiencing – detoxification process.

I was clearing a lot and raising my vibration accordingly, that’s why my body needed more rest and I was irritated by little things.

It began to feel really have at the last week of the treatment, which is good sign it means that you letting off lots old garbage .

I wasn’t sure If will be able to take it any longer but I decided to finish the process. Anyway a month after I done it I went to do PCR test and see if my Hepatitis C is gonna show up. When the results came they came like this I will just paste them here:

01/15/14 13:47 01/18/14
Tests Ordered
HCV RNA, PCR, Qualitative
General Comments PID: 9459934
HCV RNA, PCR, Qualitative
Hepatitis C RNA-PCR
Negative: HCV RNA Not Detected

That was such a relief for me now I can fall in love again without having to worry about infecting my partner and I can create a happy family life. I can imagine how much does it mean to a person wasn’t sure if he can go to this route again it is definitely life changing. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart … For everyone dealing with the viral issues you are at the right place …

Thank you Tom god bless you and keep the good work.

Add Hormone Therapy or Fat Metabolism Therapy to your

Standard Scalar Session!

Rejuvenate your immune system with healing scalar energy!
No one else is doing this anywhere in the world – but thousands have tried it and gotten well!

Deep Discounts from Tom Paladino include:

The Pathogen Cleanse, Nutrient Therapy and Chakra Balance
7 days each week over a 30 day period!

PCR Test Shows Herpes Simplex I & II GONE!


I just wanted to say thank you for the Scalar Treatments! One of the most exciting moments of my life in the last 4 years was yesterday when I received the results of the PCR test that I had done for Herpes Simplex 1 and 2. The test came back negative for both. I can not even tell you what a relief it was to see the word "Negative" on that lab report. From what I understand this means there was no genetic material that holds the signature of the Herpes virus present.

Three years ago I became aware that I had contracted Herpes Simplex 2. I had probably had the virus for a year prior but because I was A-symptomatic I was unaware of it. In the interim I have researched solutions to the virus and tried more treatments than you can imagine. Each time that I tried a protocol I would ave an antibody test least 8 tests later....still no change in the antibody tests.

I was very excited when I heard about the 30 day Scalar treatments that you offer. The PCR test was done approximately 1-2 weeks after the Scalar treatments were over.

I have also heard from others that have done the 30 day Scalar treatments that they have had amazing results with Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 virus....everything from the "Negative" test results to no more symptoms.

Thank you for the work that you are doing.

Hair, Nails, Liver, Gall Bladder All Better!

Dear Tom,

Thank you for asking me that question. I felt many different short-lived cleansing occurring after the pathogenic clearing. The first week I had light diarrhea which I felt that was my long standing candida exiting.

Last week I had liquid pouring out of my nose if I bent down. I don’t have any reason for that but it might be clearing and cleansing of my sinuses?

The minerals are helping my hair which I had lost quite a bit in 2010 when my thyroid gland was malfunctioning.

My hair is lustrous, thick and easy to style lately. I had peeling fingernails in August and now they are so strong they do not bend over when I push them down. Yeah!

I believe my liver is a happy camper and the gallstones seem to be on vacation. That is a good thing. My toe-nails are growing new light pink normal nails after 35 years of “fungus among us.”

When you do the chakra balancing, I do not go to sleep so easy as I seem wide-awake and raring to go. Pam, a member of our group, feels tingling on her scalp and she calls me from her work to see if I do also,. Yes, I have but not the same days.

For the health and happiness of all, I AM,

And you don’t even need to leave home or do anything special to receive the healing!

Serotonin Levels Up Now

I fell into a slump as many of us do lately with all these energetic changes, etc. Tom worked on my serotonin levels & I swear within 6 hours I was feeling better & today my excitement & passion for living is back! Tom’s Scalar Energy work is unlike any healing modality I’ve ever known with positive, lasting results on hundreds of conditions & imbalances! Oh, my chronic back pain is nowhere to
be found today too

With Infinite Appreciation!
Sheila Gale

Tom Paladino works remotely using your photograph. He will treat you seven days a week  over the course of 30 days. Remote Healing Works!

Infected Tooth Cured

Thank you dear Tom,

I Am so Grateful because in less than a week the infection in the tooth
disappeared. I will continue with your work it is a big blessing.
Thank you.

God Bless You

Sciatica and Fungus gone after 18 years,
depression has lifted!


I can’t believe how much better I’m feeling. My Sciatica no longer bothers me, the Fungus I had on my feet for almost 19 years is nearly gone completely. I used to live in Hawaii and every day I would walk to work by way of the beach and I would pull my shoes off and really enjoy the water and sand. Well, I started developing this fungus between my toes and actual holes, because it would itch so much I couldn’t stand it. I went to the doctors and he gave me cream that never worked and I tried all the athlete’s feet stuff, and eventually iodine was the only thing that would keep it under control. That was in 1995.

Then in the States, I had a Pedicure done and contracted another fungal

infection that started traveling up my ankles. But now, there are only a few specks on the side of my foot and the rest is gone.

Since I have been on the Scalar Program, I haven’t had one day of depression and that’s a miracle in itself. I went through Divorce in 2008 that broke my heart. I’ve been like a shut in person and sleeping a lot. I’ve had no yearning to date or even go out of the house. I felt like a limp noodle with no strength. Then my little niece died, Melissa… she was only 32. And just this last July my Father passed away. I was in bad shape. I couldn’t see a way up. I would display the

smile but inside I was so depressed. It was through the grace of God that I found this program. I don’t feel sad or beaten down anymore. I feel like a new person and I’ve only been on the program since Oct. 9th. My mind is sharp. I want to go outside and enjoy the day. It’s a miracle.”

but Tom, may I ask a question? Can you explain how this Scalar Energy can get to me, I mean, how does it work with just using a picture of me? Thank you, thank you so much. I have my heart back.


What You Get

  • Seven days each week, scalar energy pathogenic cleanse sessions that disassemble over 300,000 species of bacteria, fungi, protozoan and viruses.
  • Seven days each week, scalar energy nutrient therapy sessions that assemble 284 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fatty acids inside the cells that are essential for optimal health.
  • Seven days each week, scalar energy chakra balance sessions that align and harmonize the seven chakras of the human body.

The 30-day program includes the Pathogen Cleanse, Nutrient Therapy and Chakra Balance delivered seven days each week.

Deep discounts from Tom Paladino include the Pathogen Cleanse, Nutrient Therapy and Chakra Balance - seven days each week over a 30 day period! -

Don’t miss Tom Paladino’s Deep Discounts on Group Scalar Sessions:

Scalar sessions seven days each week for 30 days!

Service fees may change without prior notice.

Tom Paladino is an engineer and researcher who has studied Scalar Energy for over 25 years. He has invented an instrument to harness the powerful Scalar Energy that is capable of disassembling pathogens in the body such as Herpes Simplex I & II, HIV, Hepatitis C, Candida, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, fungi,  viruses and common germs. Over 300,000 so far. He only needs a picture of you and he works on you remotely with this powerful energy. Working as an engineer, Tom has always resonated with the great scientist, Tesla, and is passionate and committed to harnessing this light energy for better human (and animal) health and to help fuel the Planet with much needed clean energy.

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