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Scalar Energy Sessions

Dear Tom,
Yes…I am healthier! After 7 weeks of bleeding gums…gone! Athlete’s foot….gone……! Lost 2 sizes……! Long term sores on legs…almost gone…..! Shingles…I believe are gone….! I feel clear at times throughout the day….and getting better all the time…. Now I will subscribe to scalar recurring sessions…thank you Tom!!!


Fat Metabolism

Hi Tom!

I am doing great! I am definitely losing weight. I put a jacket on today that I have not worn for a few weeks… It’s too big for me! That felt great! It’s 100% the scalar energy fat metabolism! I haven’t been doing anything differently. 

Thank you!

May God bless you and shine upon you,


Herpes Gone!

Hi Tom,
Wow, there really is a cure for herpes! thank you thank you. I have had herpes for 15 years and after 3 months of treatment I got the courage to go to my doctor to run some tests and wow no more herpes! I could tell something was working when I managed to have lots of energy in a big time of stress in my life and I had no out breaks.

Thank you
B in Brisbane, Australia

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